I dropped my bag of weed somewhere in the snow

I finished up with my work early so I could hang out with my friends and watch the Monday night football game.

It starts at eight pm eastern time, so that’s around five o’clock for me and my buddies on the west coast.

I have to rush home after work to catch the first half. This last week, I took off early so I could be there when the first ball was kicked. It was snowing lightly when I left the office, but I wasn’t too concerned about the weather. My friends and I were meeting at a bar very close to my apartment. I didn’t even have to drive, because it was so close. I got home and took a shower. By the time I finished drying all of my hair and brushing my teeth, the rate of snowfall had increased. The snowflakes were even bigger now and it was hard to walk to the tavern without falling on my butt. I smoked a joint on the way there and my hands were nearly frozen. The marijuana joint tasted good. I had the joint sitting in a bag of top shelf marijuana flower that I bought from a dispensary near me. I must have dropped the bag somewhere between my apartment and the tavern. When I got to the bar, it was gone. I looked all through my jacket, shirt, and pants, and I could not find it anywhere. I had almost a quarter ounce left in that bag and I was ticked off that I could find it anywhere. I even retraced my steps with a flashlight but it was long gone.

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