I didn't want to meet his friends

When my boyfriend and I met, I told him that I really did not like to be with a bunch of people.

I don’t like crowds and I don’t like parties. I would rather stay at home and hang out with one or two people than go to a bar where there are 50 people standing around drinking and yelling. It’s not my scene at all. My boyfriend wanted me to go to a bar to meet his friends on Super Bowl sunday. I knew that was going to be a rowdy crowd and I said no. He was really disappointed, and I didn’t want him to think that I didn’t want to meet his friends. I did want to meet his friends, but not in a crowded and loud bar on Super Bowl sunday. I suggested we have a party at his apartment. My boyfriend thought that was a great idea. He told all of his friends that we were going to have a party the following Saturday night. We went to the liquor store and bought two cases of beer, a bottle of vodka, gin, and rum. We bought several different types of soda pop, juice, and wine. We also went to the marijuana dispensary near me. I thought that I would be much more calm and relaxed if I had edibles. Sometimes I take edibles when I am in a situation that I cannot control. The dinner party was a situation that I didn’t even want to be in, so I thought the marijuana edibles would help me feel more relaxed.



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