I didn’t know what marijuana I wanted to buy.

There were so many products when I walked into the marijuana dispensary that I didn’t know what I wanted to buy.

  • I was more curious about the marijuana products they sold than I was interested in buying the marijuana products.

I walked around the marijuana dispensary for almost half an hour before someone approached me. I thanked her for her offer, but I was simply browsing. She watched what I picked up and told me what they used it for. I thought it was the cutest jeweled pipe I had ever seen, and I thought it was a decoration. She told me it was a marijuana pipe and pointed out several other marijuana pipes they had in the store. I understood why people collected marijuana pipes. They were genuine works of art. I couldn’t believe anyone would actually put marijuana in the pipes and smoked them. It would ruin the looks of the marijuana pipe. She showed me other products they had in stock and asked if I was interested in marijuana products like edibles or smokeables. I never used marijuana and told her I was just looking again. She told me they had some marijuana sodas on sale, and she offered me a sample of marijuana brownies. Before I left, I bought a marijuana brownie to share with my husband, a packet of marijuana gummies that were said to be better than aspirin, and two bottles of diet soda. I had a good time in the cannabis dispensary and told her I would be back. I would have spent more time int he cannabis dispensary, but I had already been there for over an hour.


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