Every Dispensary should do dispensary consulting

One of my best friends recently got hired to work at the cannabis dispensary with me and I had to introduce them to the dispensary consulting every employee goes through.

Both of us are working as retail cannabis consultants.

The job of a retail cannabis consultant is to offer suggestions based on the ailment or problem that each customer presents. It’s important to be knowledgeable on marijuana products in order to have this specific type of job. I really didn’t know anything at all about cannabis when I started working here. I got trained on the spot by a couple of really nice people. They were eager to teach me everything they knew about cannabis and retail marijuana sales. My best friend was a little worried about filling out an application to work here, because she doesn’t know anything about cannabis. I told her that the boss would train her and I was right. After being recommended by me, my friend was hired and she starts the training program in a couple of days. In the training program, she will learn all about cannabis and how it is grown, processed, and packaged. I had to sit through 6 hours worth of videos when I got hired and I’m sure my friend is in for the same wonderful treat. I’m looking forward to working with my friend. We might even be able to commute together if we end up on the same schedule each week. That would save a lot of money right now, when the price of gas is nearly $7 for a gallon of regular. We could take turns and she could drive one week and then me the next week.
Dispensary consulting