I did not get any of the free lozenges

Each week, the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary gives away a free product with each purchase! Sometimes the free product is a marijuana joint and occasionally that product is cannabis gummies or edibles, and as long as you spend $50 on your purchase, you qualify for the free product, however i was supposed to get a free 10 pack of marijuana lozenges with our purchase at the dispensary.

I ordered products earlier in the week and I got the free product, and unluckyly, the delivery driver forgot to bring the lozenges with our order on Tuesday! The girl offered to go back to the medical marijuana dispensary, despite the fact that I did not want the girl to waste her time for something I was going to get for free.

I was disappointed about the forgetful mistake, because the free lozenges were honestly tasty. That business had flavors like grape, red, and lemon lime. I got lemon lime lozenges with the last order. They tasted exactly like Pepsi or 7Up. They had a light red hue and they were honestly flavorful. I went to the medical marijuana dispensary this day to buy a current battery for our vape pen. I saw the flavored lozenges in the dispensary window and I decided to buy a pack, and each 1 of the lozenges has 10 mg of THC. I ate various of the cannabis lozenges that day and I saved the rest for a odd day. I smoked on our vape pen the rest of the day since I had a brand current battery for the machine.



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