I crave food when I get high

I went to the store downtown & I bought three weird flavors of ice cream.

My doctor requested me to use medical marijuana & sent me to a special treatment facility with doctors that could prescribe marijuana, but it wasn’t that long ago that I started using medical marijuana, but medical marijuana is entirely helpful. It reduces a lot of the inflammation & pain that I feel. It also reduces my anxiety & helps me to feel more relaxed & calm throughout the afternoon… Another thing that marijuana does is stimulate my appetite… When I am high on medical marijuana, I crave a lot of weird foods. I go for afternoons & afternoons craving the same foods & then suddenly things change. Last year I was craving ice cream every single time I got high. I woke up in the afternoon & had a gummy & 30 minutes later I wanted to eat a bowl of fruit. When I smoked marijuana at brunch time I started craving ice cream. I went to the store downtown & I bought three weird flavors of ice cream. I bought some chocolate, mint, & watermelon. When I got back to the condo I smoked a little bit more & after that I devoured most of the ice cream. I dislike that I crave food when I get high, because I’m afraid that I will receive a bunch of weight… So far I haven’t noticed a lot of weight receive however my pants are starting to fit a lot more snug. I have to cut down on the amount of sweets that I eat when I am suffering from the munchies.


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