I couldn't remember what sativa was for.

I know that when I first started using medical marijuana, someone told me what sativa strains were for.

I couldn’t for the life of me remember if sativa meant sunshine or sleep.

As far as the other strain went, you could have held a gun to my head and I still wouldn’t have remembered. All I knew was sativa was either for daytime or sleeping. I wanted to know if it would help with my RLS, which was at its worse when I was trying to go to sleep, and not get me high. I had read that medical marijuana was good for many things if taken properly. Most medical problems that need long-term use can be handled with higher CBD count products. I was surprised when I read this. I talked to the pharmacist at the medical marijuana dispensary, and he assured me I was right. I wanted to know why I was given marijuana products that were high in THC, when they knew I had restless leg syndrome. He reminded me he wasn’t on duty that day, and he had given me high CBD products whenever he was there. I then asked him what sativa was? I told him the budtender had given me a sativa product and I slept for almost twelve hours. He told me the sativa strain of marijuana is used for daytime. It makes you calm, but it normally doesn’t induce sleep. He asked if it was a restless sleep. I remembered waking up quite often because of dreams, but I couldn’t tell him what the dreams were about. I hadn’t slept in three days because I was unable to get the CBD marijuana products I normally used.

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