I could have gotten in a lot of trouble

Friday night I was closing up at the marijuana dispensary and I noticed a homeless person sleeping in the parking lot.

The homeless person was laying down next to the dumpster.

It was a very cold and frigid night and I could tell that the homeless person was trying to block the wind as much as possible. The guy was covered up with newspapers. Normally, it is my duty to make sure that everyone is out of the parking lot. I was going to make the homeless person move, but I honestly felt bad because it was cold outside and the guy clearly didn’t have anywhere to go. I could have gotten into a lot of trouble, but I decided to let the person sleep next to the dumpster on our lot. I closed the gate and locked things up. That put the homeless person on our lot for the rest of the night and I knew that could have been a problem. I felt very anxious and tense all night long, because I didn’t know if the homeless person was going to cause trouble. The next morning, I got to work a few minutes early so I could survey the area before unlocking the gate. I didn’t see the homeless person anywhere at all. I checked by the dumpster and all around the store and the parking lot. There is a 10-ft fence around the perimeter, so I honestly have no idea how that guy got out on his own. It makes me wonder if the guy sleeps in the parking lot every night.

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