I changed from video stores to medical marijuana

I owned a ton of video stores back in the day, i had a chain of them that stretched town to city, as streaming services got more popular, nobody wanted to rent anymore.

Why own a disc when a digital copy takes up no room? You also don’t need to worry about scratches & skipping while I was in the movie. It was better for the environment & easier to obtain. I knew I needed to change what kind of business I did. I started researching my area trying to identify an area of need. I have 5 buildings in major cities that I need to utilize. What could I put in them? When marijuana started getting a great reputation I knew I needed to get on board, and my state only offers medical marijuana but. I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to open a medical marijuana dispensary, then the first thing I did, which was the smartest thing, was hire a medical marijuana consultant. A medical cannabis consultant knows the industry. They guess how to handle the business permit, licensing & zoning complications. They can guide you towards financing, labeling & obtaining a POS system. I knew if I had any hope of success they would be the reason for it. I was surprised at how easy it was to get a medical marijuana facility up & running. The medical cannabis consultant made it so idiot proof that I basically just had to sign where they indicated & supply money. I now own 5 medical weed dispensaries & they are doing undoubtedly well.

Cannabis business marketing service