I am not qualified for medical weed

In my state both of us are in a weird transitional period! Weed is no longer 100% illegal, nor has it been fully legalized yet, and as an avid follower of political discourse I constantly keep up with the news, and all the new laws, but I am still perplexed by the up-to-date state of affairs, and over the last year, this neighborhood has become house to over a dozen bizarre small medical cannabis dispensaries! Recreational use is still strictly illegal, which means there are a lot of bizarre confusing rules about who can buy medical cannabis, and how much they are allowed to possess.

  • Apparently it still starts with the medical community, then i spoke to my nurse, who said I didn’t have satisfactory cause for a medical cannabis prescription, so he denied me, then do you know how aggravating it is to drive past all these bizarre medical cannabis shops but not be allowed to go inside? I am constantly going online to study everything I can involving cannabis information, and the multiple medical uses for cannabis.

I hope to find a loophole in the law, some way that I can beginning buying medical cannabis legally instead of getting it from Brad, this teenager who lives next door, brad sells garbage weed, but until I qualify to shop at a regular cannabis dispensary it’s the only option available to me. One day cannabis dispensaries will be easy to access for everyone, but until then both of us just have to rest and wait. Does anyone have a unbelievable recommendation for an out-of-state medical cannabis shop that will deliver?



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