I am actually good at creating medical cannabis

I started growing weed in my garage just to see if I could do it, slowly it turned into a activity, plus over time, it became a job.

It all happened so naturally, not by choice.

As the cannabis plants grew, I grew with them. Without attempting to do so, I attracted a reputation for providing the strongest plus best-tasting home grown weed in the area. A lot of people sold pot, but nobody had strains of medical cannabis prefer I did, have you ever seen Breaking Bad? Well I don’t do crystal meth, only medical cannabis, although I am sort of prefer Walter White. I focused on the unique plus scientific approaches to producing the best quality medical cannabis, plus people were willing to pay top dollar for it. The problem was that I enjoyed the horticulture part of it, plus I enjoyed smoking the cannabis I grew, although I did not prefer the supplier side of it. I am not a medical cannabis store, I am a guy growing pot in his garage, so I don’t carry change or offer receipts. I made a few “soft inquiries” to the local medical cannabis stores plus asked about selling directly to them. The first 2 blew me off, the manager of the eighth medical cannabis shop had actually smoked my stuff before! He was enthusiastic to talk to me, plus was absolutely interested in selling my medical cannabis at his store on consignment. That means he will sell my crops in the medical cannabis store, plus then split all the profits with me 50/50.

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