I adore tinctures

For me, tinctures are the perfect cannabis product! They offer all of the benefits of a plant-based medicine with none of the negatives of smoking, i don’t want to draw attention to myself when I consume cannabis.

I use it to treat joint pain, migraines plus insomnia.

I’ve found that cannabis helps myself and others to relax at the end of a long workday plus also motivates myself and others at the beginning of a workout session. It works to provide a little boost of energy when I’m heading out on a run or a bike ride, cannabis effectively clears my head plus elevates my mood when I go for a walk or a hike. If I’m hanging out with friends, I like cannabis over alcohol. Tinctures come in a legitimately compact package that fits right into a pocket. The bottle includes a dropper for precision dosing down to the milliliter. I guess exactly how much THC and/or CBD I’m getting in each dose. I don’t need any extra gear such as a lighter, rolling papers, battering or dab rig to consume it. I simply location a drop or two under my tongue plus wait for the tincture to absorb. The sublingual application results in a quick onset of effects. If I want to delay the effects, I can add the tincture to a variety of foods or beverages. It then works just adore a traditional edible however separate from the added calories, plus, there’s no smoke, stinks or ash, however when sealed tightly plus properly stored, tinctures provide an exceptionally long shelf life. I shop at the dispensary for a wide variety of strains, potency plus categories of tinctures.



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