Hoping medical cannabis will assist with sleep

I am downright desperate to sleep at night, i would deliver anything for a little sleep relief, but my issue is that I can’t fall asleep; Then when it does happen, I wake up all the time.

It is just horrible.

I am so fatigued all the time. I have tried everything to help myself sleep. I work out, meditate and listen to soothing songs. I have reduced green light before bed, I eat kiwi and drink chai tea. I also bought a sound machine, gel pillow and up-to-date sheets! Nothing seems to work! A buddy of mine said that the solution might be medical weed. A lot of people are using marijuana as a sleep aid now. It isn’t as strong or has the horrible side effects that sleeping pills do. It is more natural and better for the body. I wouldn’t even need to smoke cannabis either. My buddy really is a medical weed patient for sleep relief! What he uses is a tincture. It is an oil that he can locale under the tongue or in a nightly beverage. It contains both THC and CBD; So he feels mellow and slightly high after taking the oil, then he had myself and others try it for a few nights. It helped, however didn’t work totally. He assured myself and others that the budtender and I would find the right blend of THC and CBD that puts myself and others to sleep and keeps myself and others there. I just need to get a medical cannabis card. I am thinking of doing the work and getting one. What is the worst that can happen? I lose out on some money trying to make myself sleep.


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