Hoping I get a tincture prescribed for sleep

I have been looking into medical marijuana for quite some time.

The reason I want cannabis is for sleep purposes.

I read online that the right blend of THC and CBD can soothe a person to sleep. You need to teeter the line of being a bit high but totally relaxed. The right blend of medical cannabis should relax a person enough to fall asleep and stay that way. I am honestly desperate. I have tried sleeping pills and that was a nightmare. I tried eliminating blue light, eating kiwi, meditating, listening to classical music, working out, etc. Nothing has really worked for me. So trying medical cannabis is my last ditch effort. I have read a lot about it online. People have experienced really good results from the medical strains. I am grateful that there is a medical marijuana dispensary near me. All I need to do is get a medical weed card. I have done some research and it doesn’t seem too bad. I need to find a doctor that prescribed weed. Check. Then I need to make an appointment, check again. Then I need to go to the appointment, get a script, and fill out paperwork online. Then I pay a 200 dollar fee and wait two weeks to get my medical weed card in the mail. Once I get that, I should be good to go for a year. I am hopeful that I can get an edible or a tincture prescribed to me. A tincture is just an oil that you put in a drink to soothe you to sleep. It is easy to apply and is quite discreet. Who knows if the doctor will allow that though.