Hiring new employees for the cannabis dispensary

Over the last month I have been handling all of the new hires.

This is a longer and more involved process than I imagined! When I was young and applied for a job, I had no clue there was so much paperwork and red tape.

I have scouted, interviewed, and hired four people in the last few weeks, as I try to build a solid team for my store. The cannabis dispensary needs a solid foundation of quality employees I can count on. Ed and I own the cannabis dispensary, but we are both getting on in years, and it would be nice to have competent staff to watch over the place while we take it easy! Ed has been handling the duties of a cannabis dispensary security guard lately, and I think we need someone else for the job. We don’t need a bouncer, but state cannabis regulations dictate that we check the ID of everyone who comes in the store, and refuse entry to underage people, or anyone without an ID. Ed is a 60 year old man, and it makes the cannabis dispensary look weak to have an old man working security. I have been talking to a guy named Lance, who currently works as a bouncer for a nightclub, but would love a chance to work in a cannabis dispensary. At the same time, I need to hire one or two more people to be cannabis delivery drivers for the shop. We don’t have enough right now, and I think it’s costing us money. We need more drivers to deliver more cannabis.

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