Hiding in the backyard to enjoy my cannabis

This summer break the kids were allowed to have their way because their parents didn’t have enough cash to take them on a vacation trip.

  • This meant they could get the sleep over party they had asked for a long time.

I was asked to help fetch them the snacks and drinks they needed. My elder sister Penny had agreed to watch over them just to ensure nothing got out of hand. My uncle and aunt thought that a sleepover party over a weekend was better and cheaper than the trip to the beach, and they were right. As all that was happening I slipped out back & went to the workshed, to find my uncle’s cannabis & gear. We both smoke a lot of cannabis, but always try to avoid doing it around the children. We always smoke in the work shed, away from people so that the secondhand cannabis smoke doesn’t bother anyone else. I hid away in the shed enjoying a fat bowl of a new cannabis sativa strain known as Going Bananas. As you might have guessed, this was a strain of cannabis that was brightly colored, & tasted distinctly of bananas. I don’t even like eating bananas, but this sativa was unbelievably tasty! I heard the kids come out into the yard & start playing when one of the kids felt the cannabis smoke scent from the shed, & asked what it was. I heard my young cousins saying “that’s where my dad goes to get high” & my jaw dropped! My uncle and I had no idea the kids knew someone smoked cannabis, but it seems our “secret” was not so secret after all. I sat perplexed if the kids will one day inquire about cannabis, or if they just accepted it?