Healing comes with trips to the cannabis dispensary

It’s clear that I’m healing better thanks to trips to the cannabis dispensary.

However, I’m sort of wondering how much of the credit should go to the cannabis products and how much should go to the cannabis dispensary.

The local cannabis spot is a place of support and compassion along with so many smiles and superb vibrations. Just being in there to get my sativa or indica products is a healing thing for me. Before I got hurt, I actually didn’t use recreational marijuana, and i just didn’t prefer smoking anything so the method of smoking marijuana was not something I found to be enticing, then still, my physical therapist actually recommended that I try indica strains to help me with my recovery, however my recovery is now at a place where it’s taking all my energy to maintain a steady course… However using indica strains, I am seeing the benefit the physical therapist was hopeful that I would. It’s been actually superb and I care about not having to use pain medications at all, and when I was finished with all the surgeries, I got pretty deep into those pain pills just in order to sleep, but the fact that the marijuana products are natural is something that is actually beneficial for me. And I actually prefer the fact that I can get cannabis edibles instead of cannabis flower products, however cannabis edibles make it so I do not have to smoke anything which was the largest reason I didn’t use cannabis in the first place, just a nibble on a marijuana edible takes care of my pain, improves my range of motion and helps me maintain a positive perspective.
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