He wanted to grow cannabis in my yard

In the past I have tried to become a gardener several times.

It never lasts very long.

I just don’t have the long-term commitment to take care of plants every day. I try for a while, sometimes even a few weeks, but eventually I just stop. Without constant care and upkeep, a garden will not flourish. My younger brother Ed just turned 16, and he is also interested in gardening. Ed asked if he could use the garden patch in my backyard to try growing plants of his own. I agreed, not suspecting that Ed really wanted to grow cannabis plants, not flowers or veggies. Ed came over every single afternoon after school to work the ground, pull all the weeds, and plant his marijuana seeds. It took me three or four weeks to figure out that he was growing cannabis, and by then they were so well developed I didn’t want to get rid of them. Ed knew that I smoked a lot of cannabis, so he knew I would eventually agree to it. Why wouldn’t I? Free marijuana? Sign me up! It became obvious very quickly that Ed was skilled with growing cannabis plants, and they grew very tall. He and I spent a whole weeking putting up a new privacy fence so that the neighbors wouldn’t see our towering cannabis plants. If Ed can keep producing cannabis at this rate I will never have to pay for weed ever again, and who knows maybe we can sell some for a profit? I never thought about being a cannabis dealer before.

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