Half of the yearly order was missing

Every Sunday morning a huge giant truck delivers supplies to the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary where I work. I come to work early Sunday morning before my shift is supposed to start so I can help unload all of the inventory and supplies. I get paid $50 out of the register in money for helping unload all of the supplies. It usually takes about 2 hours to unload everything from the truck, however last Sunday morning, it only took an hour. It looked like there were a lot of things missing that would normally be part of the order. I started looking at the invoice and I skimmed from the top to the bottom. I noticed right away that there were many items missing. The old delivery truck was getting ready to pull out of the loading area and I stopped the guy to make sure that there were no other boxes on the back of the truck. My great friend and I were the last stop of the morning and unluckily, the back of the truck was completely empty. I told my boss that my associate and I were missing concentrate, pre rolls, and many boxes of marijuana. My boss eventually contacted the business that fulfills all of our orders and she told me that she would get to the bottom of things. She thanked me for being diligent and noticing that the items were missing. I certainly thought she would be more concerned, however she acted like the huge screw up was no sizable deal. My favorite great friend and I were going to run out of products that our buyers love and she was nonchalant about the problem.



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