Great to have marijuana corporation so close

Last evening, I appreciated a beautiful dinner with my lady.

It was awesome to be able to have it all prepared & laid out when she got home.

This is a strenuous time of year for her when it comes to work, for the next several weeks, she’ll be spending lots of hours in the office; So having dinner ready for her is a way of me being able to support her efforts. I coaxed her out for a quick walk after dinner. And that’s when I surprised her with the new local cannabis spot. I had known about it for weeks as most people in my town who enjoys recreational marijuana was super excited. But my lady lives in another part of town so she knew nothing about this new marijuana business. It was so much fun to simply be able to walk into this cannabis dispensary together after dinner. The hours at my new local cannabis spot are awesome. They’re open til 10 in the evening which only adds to the convenience of having a cannabis dispensary right around the corner. It’s just far enough to stretch your legs a bit but not too far that it’s a drag. When my wonderful friend and I made the decision to go in, it was my intention to get a bit of the OG kush that I’m partial to. This is an indica dominant strain that I find to be most pleasurable. The indica strains really help me mellow out so fully that going to sleep is magic. I often have a strenuous time getting my mind unhooked from work & all that I have to do. So having some OG kush after dinner is just the ticket. But my lady isn’t fond of smoking recreational marijuana so she normally gets some of the cannabis edible gummies.

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