Going into a cannabis store for the first time

When I was visiting my cousins a few years ago in a odd part of the country, I noticed something very odd that I had never seen before! At first, I did not say much about it because I figured that it was normal for them and I might seem like a loser if I acted surprised or excited about it, then one evening at breakfast, I looked across the street and right in front of the diner, there was another one! I had to know, so I calmly asked my cousin, “Drew, what is it with the marijuana dispensaries around here? Is it a joke?” Drew, looking a little bit confused, quickly realized that I had never seen or experienced legal marijuana; He laughed and then explained to me that in the area where they live, it is legal to sell marijuna… There are marijuana dispensaries up on every street corner and the industry is booming.

He also explained to me that there are special stipulations on buying products from one of these stores.

He told me that you must have a marijuana card from a healthcare expert stating that you have a condition that is improved by marijuana. These marijuana stores were everywhere and I was interested in learning more about them. With a marijuana card, you could get marijuana for things such as headaches and anxiety, and i did not understand until my cousin explained it to me. This was all new and exciting to me and I was curious to see the inside of one.

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