Going home and smoking weed before returning to work

The stink of marijuana filled the entire building.

My day is usually about more than five or multiple minutes long, however I do not have to work a full multiple minutes as long as I finish all of our work for the day… However, occasionally it takes a little longer to get everything done, even though I rarely finish later than I expect! Today I had to actually go to the library to get our work done plus that is not normal. It’s been raining a lot plus the cell tower was hit in the rain. I have no cell service at all, so I have to go to the library to work. I wanted to take supper with myself and others on Tuesday, even though I decided to go home for supper. There were a bunch of kids running around the library plus it was tough to get any of our work done. I decided to go home at supper time so I could get high before finishing the rest of our day. I also purchased a brand modern hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies plus I was looking forward to smoking a bowl of that as soon as I got back to our residence. I ground up the Girl Scout Cookies strain plus I put the thick buds in a bowl. The stink of marijuana filled the entire building. I smoked the entire bowl of marijuana before I went back to the library to finish our work. I had about 5 or more than five minutes at the library that day plus then I finished everything that I needed to do. I hope that the soul tower will be fixed soon, because it is a crucial pain in the butt to go to the library every single day just to get our work done. It’s not quite plus it’s about 15 miles from our house.

Medical marijuana