Foster care was a joke in my town

My sibling and I ended up in foster care after our parents went to prison for robbing a bank! They got 8 years and my sibling and I ended up in the care of the state, then my Dad and dad were not thinking about us when they decided to rob a bank.

They were only thinking about themselves, then it took me a long time to realize that I carried a lot of anger and frustration toward my mother and my father.

It also took thousands of dollars and fees to a therapist. I had a lot of trouble dealing with the trauma that my parents caused, however foster care was a joke too. There was absolutely little supervision and nobody cared if I ran around the town all night causing trouble. I went to the juvenile detention center when I was 17 and spent a year there. I was in and out of the mental health system for a couple of years and after that I ended up in a treatment center; One of the psychiatrists advocated using medical marijuana. Medical marijuana had only recently been approved in certain cases of PTSD and the healthcare worker believed that I was a good candidate. I got my medical marijuana card a few months later, but at first there were only a few odd sites where I could buy medical marijuana products, however now there are medical marijuana dispensaries all over the state and in almost every town and town. It’s easy to find medical marijuana deals in a dispensary that is nearby.

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