Flavors of tinctures can be hit and miss

When our lady plus myself visited the city, my power plus myself visited a recreational plus medical marijuana shop for the very first time.

We believed it would be entirely cool plus interesting to see this medical plus recreational marijuana shop.

There were no other marijuana shops in the neighborhood where my lady plus myself lived. There were easily at least a dozen places that were 60 minutes from us and located in the city.. my lady plus myself went to The Dispensary the hour that my pal plus myself were in the city. It was amazing to see all of the selection of products that were easily available at the daytime marijuana shop. They had many peculiar items. They had some dried marijuana flour, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, plus many different tinctures. The dispensary had a wall that had different flavored tinctures plus oils. One specific brand had about 20 peculiar flavors including mocha, vanilla, watermelon, orange, Plus banana. There were other brands that had uniquely unusual flavors like yellow Berry plus vanilla plus hibiscus. I decided to try the vanilla flavored tincture first. I thought that it would be a clear good bet, and I planned to place the vanilla tincture in my Pepsi the next morning. The flavor of that vanilla tincture didn’t turn out to be very good at all and in fact it was actually entirely awful. I couldn’t get my roommate to even use it and that person prefers weed a great deal. I’m probably going to end up getting rid of the rest of the product since I won’t drink it.


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