Finding a HR program

I prolonged having a human resource branch with my cannabis dispensary.

Once I started opening up multiple dispensary locations and expanding the building, it was time.

Human resources are just too necessary in a big business. I started looking for a human resource business partner for my dispensary. It wasn’t easy to find. I wanted people who were familiar with cannabis, the area and would work well with my team. I also didn’t want a whole team of people, just one person. I was hopeful I wouldn’t need to hire the HR team to be around full time either. I wanted to ideally call them every now and then. I found my dispensary HR team through a cannabis software company. They have dispensary HR software for sale and the actual people in HR. It was a one stop shop for me. I talked to the business and told them my expectations. I wanted to provide HR and I was okay buying the program. I Didn’t want someone in my store everyday and constantly paying them a salary. So I have a part time human resource partner. Anytime there is an issue I can call them up to resolve it. They charge per phone call and issue that arises. I save money doing this though. I am really glad that I have something like this now. It just feels more professional and like the right move. Other dispensary owners typically keep a full time employee to handle something like this. That isn’t financially smart.

Cannabis recruiting software