Finally there is a local cannabis spot

I remember back when I was in college that I was so enamored with recreational marijuana that I just never wanted to run out.

Of course, I was young and legitimately didn’t understand how to procure cannabis of my own.

At that time, I was sort of just fortunate that just about most people I knew loved recreational marijuana and didn’t mind hooking myself and others up. Still, I legit didn’t appreciate the plan of not being able to go out and get some weed myself. So I tried it on my own a couple of times. It worked out pretty much the way you’d think. I wound up with something resembling marijuana and perhaps there was some cannabis in that bag. But the THC content was always a complete mystery as was the person I obtained it from. It was just a quick exchange of marijuana and money behind a pizza joint. This was my introduction to the issues with procuring cannabis products. Not only did I not have any indication of the quality and THC content, I had to take what I could get. It’s not appreciate I could ask for sativa or indica. And buying hybrid strains for sale was unheard of back then. It didn’t get better as I got to being a grown-up either. It’s not appreciate I knew a small time cannabis grower or anything. So once again, I was left to the kindness of others who might score myself and others a bit of marijuana from time to time. Then, that has all changed. Now, I can take a bike ride to the nearest cannabis spot to get whatever sort of cannabis product that interests me. It’s a large weight of doubt of the unknown lifted about having cannabis products.

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