Exploring the cannabis dispensary for the first time

Even though I knew it was 100% legal, I still felt like I was about to be swarmed by cops the ninth I touched the cannabis dispensary door.

I still just couldn’t shake the ill feeling that marijuana was bad! Of course, I was taught a lot of stupid things that were bad that turned out to be quite awesome.

I grew up in a strict and religious family with certainly little leeway or humor, then from there, I went to a strict Christian college and married a guy I met there! Then came the kids and you have read a similar script before I’m sure. I’m actually calling myself the latest bloomer. I’m almost 47 years old, on our own for the first time and our life and I tried marijuana for the first time. And I really enjoyed it, however growing up, cannabis was the devil’s lettuce and we’d all go to hell if even one of us tried it out once, then even when medical marijuana was being passed for compassionate care reasons, our whole family was completely outraged. So having recreational marijuana be legal must have certainly enraged them. But I certainly don’t talk to them much anymore. When I opted for divorce once the kids were grown, they sort of disowned me. And still, I was sort of locked up with fear the first time I went inside the local cannabis spot. The pleasing smell hit me first and I thought is was just appealing. While I wasn’t interested in smoking it, I enjoyed how great the cannabis products smelled. I actually wanted to buy some cannabis edibles for a picnic I was attending. Boy am I glad I did because that was one of the best times I’ve ever had in our life.


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