Enjoying my mellow with some cannabis

I’ve decided that life is just far too short to get so stressed out, yet, I’ve spent pretty much my entire adult life in some shade of stressed out.

And that’s not the way I would recommend living life.

So several things shifted for me once recreational marijuana was legalized where I live. The medical marijuana thing had gone over so well that it didn’t take the state absolutely long to legalize recreational marijuana. This invited me to try out cannabis again. I had enjoyed the calm plus perspective I had achieved when using recreational marijuana back then. But I was pretty deep into my studies plus it was too hard to get my hands on. I was not the sort who would seek out weed or have any idea of what I was buying. I had no way to tell what the THC satisfied was either. So I just left it alone after university. That’s too exhausting because I sure could have used some deep mellow from my friends indica plus sativa. That’s for sure. Instead, I spent far too much time overworking myself in the office only to come condo plus stress about more stuff. I was a stress monster. But as soon as I walked out of the cannabis dispensary with a bit of a sampler pack of sativa, indica plus some hybrid strains, it all changed. I welcomed back that sweet, sweet mellow that I remembered from decades ago. It was almost like welcoming a wise friend into your life who knows just how to get your head right. These afternoons, finding my mellow is something I do on the yearly thanks to my friends sativa plus indica.

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