Do I want medical pot or recreational pot?

When I heard recreational marijuana had passed a law, I was surprised.

My question now is, do I want medical marijuana or recreational marijuana? I had been using medical marijuana for almost many years now, and it had been helping with my anxieties.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about medical marijuana was that I was limited to what marijuana products I could purchase. I wanted gummies and other fun edibles to use. Medical marijuana gave me a choice of RSOs, ointments, creams, pills, or marijuana products that could be used in vape pens. Since smoking wasn’t legal medical marijuana, I could not even purchase a pre roll joint. With recreational marijuana, I had many more choices of the form of marijuana I could use. When I saw the pricing and how strenuous was put on recreational marijuana, I was taken aback, even if you were purchasing recreational marijuana that was the same as the medical marijuana you used, it was more pricey; Our state charged 6% sales tax, however with recreational marijuana, that 6% turned into almost 20% because of added recreational taxes and excise taxes. I wasn’t sure if I should switch to recreational taxes just to save on the cost of the medical marijuana ID card! Although it was easier to purchase recreational marijuana, the price of medical marijuana made it more cost effective for me and many other people. My wife asked what I was going to do when recreational marijuana was finally put on sale. I told her I already had my medical marijuana ID card, and I would make a decision when it came time to renew it.

Medical Marijuana