Dispensary payroll software saved me time.

I wasn’t current at managing businesses, although I was current to the dispensary business.

I wasn’t looking for a job when I found this one, although I was thrilled I found it; Managing a cannabis dispensary was a current venture for me, and the only thing that distraught me was that employee turnover was a big problem in our area, then some cannabis dispensary users were constantly complaining about never seeing the same face twice.

I didn’t know if it had to do with the job, the management team, or the lack of quality employees for the business. I knew they didn’t pay the best, considering what the employees had to go through to get the job, and I wondered if that was the problem with keeping employees. I told all employees that they should never discuss with other employees what they got paid. One employee may have other skills than some, and that could be a sticky situation. Many employees thought they all had the same position and skills, and they should all get paid the same, however that isn’t how it works. I should be the only person knowing what the employees make. I take care of the dispensary payroll and use the dispensary payroll software. The dispensary payroll software saves me time and keeps everyone paid on time, when I do a review on an employee, and they get a raise, I immediately change their pay rate in the dispensary payroll software, and the raise is updated.

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