Delivery services make it easy to get the marijuana I want

Delivery services make it easy for patients everywhere to get the recreational and medical marijuana supplies that they want and need. Marijuana dispensaries in this state have only been delivering for a short time. I believe the change occurred somewhere around the same time as the covid virus was getting bad. With only a couple of people allowed in the store at once, it was much easier for the shops to start offering delivery services. This was also the same time when many of the grocery stores and restaurants began to offer delivery service. I was happy about that, because a lot of people were not allowed to leave their homes during the quarantine. I was in the city and I was not allowed to go anywhere unless it was deemed an emergency. I worked from home and had my meals and all of my food and laundry delivered straight to the house. I ordered some recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary. There was no reason not to smoke marijuana when I didn’t have to leave the house for days and days. Nobody was going to drug test me. I ordered edibles and a marijuana vape pen. I did not get any smokable flower. I knew the scent of the flower would stink up my whole house and I didn’t want the neighbors to know that I was smoking weed either. I was high throughout most of the time we were in quarantine. I don’t feel bad about that for one moment. We all dealt with the stress and our own way.


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