Delivering cannabis on my bike

Getting rid of my car and exclusively using my bike has changed my whole life. Seriously, if I knew how many benefits came from not owning a car I would have done it years ago. I live in a major population center that has a fine system of public transit. I am fortunate to be in a place where I can get by just fine without a car. If I can’t walk or ride my bike I can take a city bus, or even an Uber. I have lost 30 pounds from all the extra exercise I get, I feel fit and healthy, and I even landed an amazing part-time job. I use my bike to make deliveries for the local cannabis dispensary. The pay isn’t great, but the tips are amazing! The cannabis shop prefers using this method of delivery for two very important reasons. #1 is that traffic is always bad around the downtown area, so cannabis deliveries are much quicker when they are done with bike messengers. #2 is that technically speaking cannabis delivery is not legal in the city. On my bike I am fast, quiet, and can make cannabis deliveries 10 times faster than someone driving a car. If the cops do suspect anything I can easily escape them, because they don’t ride bikes so they have to sit in traffic. It’s a genius system, and by working 3 or 4 hours a night making marijuana deliveries I make incredibly good money. Potheads are really great tippers, especially when their cannabis order arrives so quickly.


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