Date night goes better with an edible

It took like everything I could muster to see if I could maybe move out of the friend zone with this woman I am really, really fond of.

I mean, she’s just the coolest person and so easy to connect with.

There is no doubt that we immediately hit it off. And then when we ran into each other at local cannabis spot, there was another bit of magic. So we ended up going out for coffee a few times and even went to concert as part of a group. But there seemed like there was more to the connection at least on my end. I wanted to see about asking her out on a proper date. I wasn’t even sure if people still did that. It had been a long time since I’d gotten dressed up and picked someone up for an evening out. I was so nervous that I could hardly keep it together. Just texting for the Uber was crazy because my hand was shaking. When I got to her place she was ready but stopped me at the door. Perhaps she could simply tell that I was coming unglued because she placed a cannabis edible in my hand after she bit off the first half. It might have been the coolest move I have ever seen a woman make. And she made eye contact the whole time. It was a moment that will be forever seared into my brain. We had an amazing time that night and the marijuana didn’t hurt. I’m actually out of the friend zone now and might be looking at a very wonderful relationship.

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