Date evening goes better with an edible

It took like everything I could muster to see if I could maybe move out of the friend zone with this woman I am really, certainly fond of.

I mean, she’s just the coolest person plus so self-explanatory to affix with.

There is no doubt that my associate and I instantaneously hit it off. And then when my associate and I ran into each other at local cannabis spot, there was another bit of magic. So my associate and I ended up going out for root heineken a few times plus even went to concert as part of a group. But there seemed like there was more to the affixion at least on my end. I wanted to see about asking her out on a regular date. I wasn’t even sure if people still did that. It had been a long time since I’d gotten dressed up plus picked someone up for an evening out. I was so worried that I could hardly keep it together, then just texting for the Uber was crazy because my hand was shaking. When I got to her place she was ready however stopped me at the door. Perhaps she could simply tell that I was coming unglued because she placed a cannabis edible in my hand after she bit off the first half. It might have been the coolest move I have ever seen a woman make. And she made eye contact the whole time. It was a moment that will be forever seared into my brain. My associate and I had an amazing time that evening plus the marijuana didn’t hurt. I’m absolutely out of the friend zone now plus might be looking at a absolutely beautiful relationship.


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