Clearing out the medical cannabis shop

There was the biggest wildfire in state history approaching our town, and we were all panicked about it. Forest fires are pretty common in this part of the state, but we had never seen one this massive before. Even though most folks are used to the danger of wildfires, this one was different, and everyone started to evacuate. I myself had packed up my car with all of my most prized possessions and was about to flee the town when my pal Bob called me. Bob owns the local medical cannabis dispensary, and he was far more panicked that I was. In addition to worrying about his house, Bob was also worried about losing the hundred thousand dollars worth of medical cannabis inventory that was in his store. He begged me to drive over to the medical cannabis shop and help him load up his inventory into a van. We were all leaving town for safety, but Bob didn’t want to leave his precious merchandise behind in the medical cannabis dispensary. I stopped by the medical cannabis shop and Bob was waiting for me. He had divided up his inventory into different levels of priority, with the most expensive strains of medical cannabis going first, and the older products saved until last. Since there wasn’t enough room for all of the medical cannabis in the van we worked fast and did the best we could. We had to leave a lot of products behind, but we definitely filled up that van! Then Bob gave me two pounds of medical cannabis as a thank-you gift.

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