Choosing weed for joint pain

I’ve struggled with joint pain for the last several years, then after learning about how cannabis can prove helpful in relieving all different types of pain, I started looking for strains to target our particular needs.

As a newcomer to cannabis, it was a bit of a challenge to sort through the huge selection offered at the dispensary.

I first needed to educate myself on the different types of cannabis that are available. I noticed that the products were officially categorized as sativa, indica or hybrid. A little online learning taught me that sativas are known for more of a “head high,” plus tend to provide energizing plus invigorating effects. They are often used to reduce stress or anxiety plus boost creativity plus focus, but sativas are a good option to get motivated, improve mode plus help with social settings. They normally offer truly high THC percentages plus lower CBD. Sativa strains aren’t the best option for joint pain relief. Indicas are buddyd with full-body effects plus are blamed for “couch lock.” They provide deep relaxation plus are good for getting a wonderful evening’s sleep. They are used for reducing anxiety, soothing an overactive mind plus slowing down to better enjoy life. Indicas are also the best option for treating pain plus inflammation. There are a wide variety of indica strains plus not all of them are suited for joint pain relief. Indicas are officially high in CBD content plus include anything from high to low THC percentages. I look for a higher CBD to THC ratio plus utilize a combination of topicals, tinctures plus edibles. I like that the topicals are applied directly plus cause no psychoactive effects. The tinctures offer truly easy dosing plus quick onset of effects while edibles provide more intensive, longer-lasting plus delayed effects.