Choosing tinctures

I shop at the local cannabis dispensary for plant-based medicine.

I suffer from a variety of minor health issues.

I have mild arthritis in my hands and complaints with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. I sometimes deal with leg cramps in the middle of the evening. Insomnia, migraines and plantar fasciitis are also problems. Nothing is dire enough to go to the doctor. None of my symptoms are worth the risk of the side-effects of prescription medications. I appreciate to utilize the natural, curative properties of cannabis. It required a wonderful deal of experimentation to find the ideal products for my preferences and purposes. While I care about smoking flower and can care about a tasty edible, I’ve found that tinctures are my best choice. Tinctures are created by stripping away the extra plant matter and leaving behind the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes. They offer certain benefits. The compact packaging is attractively portable. I can slip the bottle into a pocket, my purse or a backpack and have my medicine available when I’m at work, hiking or out on my kayak. The included dropper allows for convenience of consumption and precision dosing. I simply place a drop or many of the tincture under my tongue and wait a couple hours for it to completely dissolve. The result is a certainly rapid onset of effects. I can delay the effects by adding the tincture to favorite foods or beverages and consuming it care about an edible. However, tinctures have a lot less calories than edibles and provide a much longer shelf-life, then plus, tinctures eliminate concerns over mess, waste, smoke, odors and ash.


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