Can’t bring medical weed on a plane

I am downright shocked that you can’t take medical cannabis on a plane or even in a evaluated bag.

No cannabis can go through the airport.

I figured since I went through all the toil to be a medical weed patient I would be okay. I picked my card and my cannabis products in my evaluated bag. I also was traveling to a state that gave recreational weed. I figured all my bases were covered. Nope, you can’t bring cannabis into an airport at all, but when I went through the security line I was actually concerned that my bag got taken apart. What actually stunk is that all my weed was dumped as well. It was severely hundreds of dollars worth of product! I also was concerned since my cannabis is used for anxiety relief and a sleep aid. I was going for a full week and I wouldn’t get sleep or any relaxation. I was harshly miserable. Thankfully the recreational cannabis state meant I could update the products for the time being. I had to be sure to use them up before going into the airport again though. Then once I got dwelling I had to buy my products once more… How disappointing is that? I spent so much money on the same products several times. I wonder why the airlines are so strict about bringing medical weed into an airport, but mine was only an oil form with a honestly low THC rate. At the end of the afternoon what was my product going to do? Very deranged that I had to toss it.

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