Cannabis stores charge more than delivery

I like being able to order marijuana online and have it delivered to my door, then it was fun to go to the dispensary when marijuana was first legalized statewide, because it was cool to see all of those products in a single locale… After 2 years, my one greatest problem now is the price of the marijuana products.

I want to save as much money as possible, but delivery services are cheaper than some of the other marijuana services that have an actual building with employees and overhead… However, when you have a physical business, you have to worry about rent, electricity, water, property taxes, and a group of employees that have to be there to run the store at all times. A marijuana delivery service does not have to worry about the same exact things, and marijuana delivery services can be run from a honestly small building as long as there is room for the inventory. Marijuana delivery services are much cheaper than locales that have a building and rent, and there are several marijuana delivery services located in the section where I live. All of these various marijuana delivery services have cheaper prices than the locales with walk-in options. I ordered over $100 worth of stuff from the marijuana delivery service near me and I got 4 grams of concentrate and a half ounce of marijuana flower. I can’t even buy a half ounce of marijuana flower for $100 if I go to the dispensary down the street that has a storefront. They have to mark up all of their prices higher than the rest in order to cover all of the additional charges that go with having a real storefront.



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