Cannabis shouldn’t be enjoyed at such an early age

Only someone as brainless as a teenager would guess they could get high and I wouldn’t notice.

Seriously, when I was a teeanger I had to be incredibly careful about smoking weed.

My father honestly was a violent man, possessed of an easily ill temperament. When he drank, he would hit me for no reason at all, so I knew if he discovered I had been smoking weed he would beat the tar out of me. My kid doesn’t have to be fearful about that kind of abuse from me – I never hit him – which is possibly why Tony thought he could smoke marijuana in his personal room and no one would notice. Seriously now, cannabis has such a distinct and lovely aroma I could smell it from 50 yards away. Tony had his window open, and he leaned over the sill so he could exhale all the marijuana smoke directly outside… I used my spare key to unlock his kitchen door and catch him by surprise, then before he could react I took the cannabis joint from my son’s hand and took a sizable puff. “First of all, this cannabis isn’t any good,” I told him, much to his shock and awe. He definitely was young and foolish, and didn’t seem to actually realize that his marijuana was total ditch weed, which has hardly any THC. I told him that I didn’t support him smoking cannabis at his age, but that when he turned 18 I would hook him up for certain. I actually look forward to smoking marijuana with my son in the future, but I would certainly feel guilty about encouraging it at such a young age.


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