Cannabis holidays are the best

I prefer going on trips.

I have roughly five weeks a year these afternoons for trips or sick time.

It took me multiple years at my task to accumulate that much time. My husband also has that much trip time & we use every little bit of it! See, we care about going to regions where recreational marijuana is totally legal. It’s almost like a marijuana destination trip. My husband & I met in school while trying to make pot brownies for the first time at a get-together. Of course, we did not recognize what we know now. Those pot brownies were awful & we wasted a fair amount of great cannabis product… But we met each other & that is what mattered. These afternoons, at least we recognize how to make a regular pot brownie. Of course the sativa or indica product must be infused in the oil for the brownies. But where we live, there are no pot brownies for sale. That’s because there is no legal access to a cannabis store. The two of us are fortunate to be familiar with a cannabis grower so our needs are consistently met. However, getting away on trips & touring different cannabis stores is just the most fun… We’ve even gotten to the point where we travel with other people or meet them in areas where we can tour different marijuana establishments. Finding different sativa strains or indica strains or hybrid strains is now such a pressing passion. It’s such a strong passion that we plan our trips around it. Hopefully one afternoon, we’ll have a local cannabis store of our own.