Cannabis helps with social anxiety

I suffer from anxiety in social situations.

The issue first developed when I started going through puberty. I suddenly felt extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable being around groups of people. It was especially severe when I was confronted with my peers. My anxiety prevented me from trying out for sports teams, joining clubs and attending parties. I had very few friends and missed out on once-in-a-lifetime events such as junior prom and senior dinner dance. In college, I spent four years hiding in my dorm room whenever I wasn’t in class. I took as many online courses as possible. Entering the workforce was a huge challenge, but I managed to find a job that I can do from home. However, I was terribly lonely. My sister recommended that I try cannabis. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in my state, there is no need to make a doctor’s appointment and go through the stress of acquiring a medical marijuana card. Just visiting the dispensary was difficult enough. The budtenders immediately set me at ease. The staff is super friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. They were very patient with my struggles and helped me to find the right products for my requirements and preferences. I’ve experimented with a variety of products and found specific strains that help me to relax and feel at ease. I’m able to participate in low key social situations. I now have met some people through the dispensary that share common interests. We get together to talk about books, sign up for wine tastings and go camping. We sometimes choose cannabis beverages or share some edibles. We like to purchase a selection of pre-rolls.

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