Cannabis dispensary is my new thing

So there was at least one upside to the fact that I had to pack up everything, sell my house and move across the country. And that would be the fact that when it comes to recreational marijuana, well that would be legal here. This was not lost on me when I first rolled into town with everything I own inside the van I was driving. I pulled my car behind that van and it took me five days to make the trip. But my sister came along and we wanted to see some sights along the way. Yet, I rolled right by what would soon become my local cannabis spot that first day. My sister was the first one to recognize that there was legal weed just right down the street. I’ve enjoyed recreational marijuana since I was introduced to it when I was in college. And that goes for my sister as well. We’re only two years apart and she ended up in the same school. It was nice to have a couple of years together at college. I was so thrilled that she was willing to take a week from her new job to help me transfer to my new office. I’ve been with the company since I graduated and this is my first managerial position. I’m ready for it but it sure helps that there is legal recreational marijuana just down the street. My sister and I made that the first stop the day after coming to town. I found my go to with my girl scout cookies strain. My sister is more of the cannabis edibles sort and she got herself the largest pot brownie that I think I’ve ever seen.

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