Cannabis delivery has never been this great

God bless the internet, for streamlining the process to buy cannabis, however i have been a daily smoker since before I could drive a car.

I remember back in my teenage years it was such a hassle to get weed.

I either had to deliver my money to a neighbor plus wait for as various days as it took, or I could drive to see my cousin 6 hours away plus buy from him, however when I moved to the large town things got easier, plus I had a weed dealer within walking distance, and now the two of us have legal dispensaries, online order forms, plus cannabis delivery services, so it’s never been easier to get high, however the COVID pandemic truly forced the cannabis dispensary industry to change the game, because if they didn’t evolve they would go out of business. In major cities there have been illegal cannabis delivery systems for years, usually involving people riding bikes from customer to customer. Now even the legal cannabis dispensaries are getting into the delivery game, plus for wonderful reason. Even though the dispensary is within walking distance, I still prefer to order my indica plus sativa strains from the website plus have them delivered. Weed delivery services make it possible for me to live the life of a hermit shut-in love I have constantly dreamed! The only downside to getting a cannabis delivery is having the tip the driver. The cannabis dispensary says that tipping is optional, however these drivers talk to each other, plus they all guess who the lousy tippers are, then for faster cannabis delivery, deliver a tip!



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