Cannabis delivery for senior citizens

If you want to succeed in life, you have to adapt.

I was one of the first cannabis delivery drivers in this area, and for a few years I made really good money.

Then the market became flooded, and with so much competition the wages went down. My experience didn’t matter when someone else was willing to do the job for half the price. I decided it was time for a change of venue, so I moved down south to a place I knew my services would be valued. No one needs a cannabis delivery service more than senior citizens, because many of them can’t drive or don’t like to drive. For me this was a huge leap forward, because not only am I an excellent driver but I am well versed in both sativa and indica strains. I have been a regular cannabis user for many years, except for when I am driving, of course. The quickest way to lose a job as a cannabis delivery driver is to “get high on your own supply.” When I am not working as a cannabis delivery expert, I am usually smoking marijuana at home to relax. I have to tell you this new job is amazing, and it’s nice being able to bring medical cannabis to the people who need it the most. Some of my cannabis delivery clients literally cannot leave the house, not even to come outside and greet me! It’s easy to dismiss weed delivery as a fad caused by COVID, but I think of it as my career.


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