Business marketing with cannabis delivery

Since recreational cannabis has become legal in my state I have owned a cannabis dispensary. Getting to that point and hiring qualified people was a long road. I did it though. Now with COVID, things are changing. Less and less people want to walk into a storefront now. I have people left and right talking about online services. For a while I was resisting changing with the times. I then realized that if I didn’t offer curbside pick up and cannabis delivery, my business wasn’t going to last. COVID wasn’t going away and people seem to like staying at home now. I didn’t really know where to begin. I didn’t even have a company website. I found a recreational marijuana business marketing service online. The guy handles everything from opening the store, hiring people and keeping it afloat. When I called him about marketing my business better, he was more than capable of doing the job. The guy got me started with a fully operational website. I have pages for each of the cannabis categories that I offer like oils, flowers, edibles and topicals. I also have a page for curbside pickup and one for cannabis delivery. I was concerned about getting a vehicle and getting people to drive it for delivery. I knew developing a system for curbside pick up would be fine. Thankfully the cannabis consultant just handled that. He set up how people can order online and got everything ready for cannabis delivery with a vehicle, licensing and drivers. It was worth hiring him, everything has been such a breeze.

Cannabis dispensary marketing service