Banning of cannabis delivery services in town

Crime has become a serious issue in this city and is now eating into business operations! Some 4 months ago the robberies seemed to target delivery drivers.

I remember one Dominos driver was stabbed in the thigh.Not long after this, many companies stopped offering deliveries! What’s more, the drivers from Doorstep deliveries were warned only to meet purchasers in public places and not in their private address.

Since I work for the cannabis dispensary, and used to be a delivery man, this was a big hit. I considered it the best job I ever had! I’m now forced to work inside the store handling security. I help with checking IDs & cannabis prescriptions cards when buyers come in. I would love to get back out on the road, but it’s just not happening. While I was fortunate never to have been robbed, one of the other cannabis drivers did. He quit soon after saying that he could not get past his PTSD. As a way of protecting the other employees of the cannabis shop, the owner canceled deliveries altogether, and currently it’s done through in-store pickup only. I however think that it is only a matter of time before one of the other cannabis shops gets back to doing home delivery again. If and when that happens, I’ll have to move. As much as I appreciate the cannabis shop, & the team in general, I’m just not fulfilled unless I’m out there driving. I’ve thought about getting into the black-market cannabis delivery service, but the fact that I don’t want to risk going to jail over doing this illegally has held me back. Since I have not heard about these robberies in other towns, maybe it’s just a local phenomenon for our cannabis delivery drivers.


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