At least they got cannabis right next door

It’s surprising to me that our neighboring states ushered in legalized medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana before our state.

This state has tried to get legal access to cannabis products for years, but it took forever to get on the ballot.

It failed by the thinnest of margins once more this past election cycle… The state next door is our sister state and it has legalized both medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana possession. And it passed on the first try. That’s just stunning to myself and others as well as something Ed and I have to respected in the next election cycle. And since Ed and I can’t get our cannabis products here, Ed and I simply have to go next door. That’s a concept that I’m still genuinely fortunate to be able to take luck of. Just knowing what I’m going to buy as well as from what cannabis grower is a really pressing thing. Also I appreciate to know what level of THC content I’m getting as well. The whole thing is just going to be such a good experience. To talk with wise people about sativa strains or unique modern hybrid strains is amazing. I know Ed as well as I will simply make a good weekend trip out of it, but maybe get a hotel suite near the local cannabis spot as well as have a good dinner after shopping for cannabis products. Regardless of how the weekend turns out, I’m still a bit stressed that I have to go to the neighboring state in order to get recreational marijuana. I’m for sure going to recommend loudly for the right to buy legal cannabis as well as cannabis products in our state.


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