Arthritis relief comes with trips to the legal weed shop

I just wish that I had known about the medical marijuana benefits when it comes to arthritis much earlier.

This condition runs in my family & I witnessed how debilitating it was for both of my parents, then so when it started happening to myself and others once I hit my mid 50s, I thought there wasn’t much I could do about it but take a bunch of anti-inflammatory drugs. And that’s how I started out. There was some help initially but that just didn’t last all that long. Soon, even the latest generation of medications wasn’t effective. That’s when my partner started doing some research when it came to medical marijuana benefits as it relates to arthritis. She attended cannabis events at the local legal weed store so often that he got a real cannabis education, my partner l received cannabis products have been used for thoUSnds of years to help keep people with a variety of mawomen, but chiefly, inflammatory conditions or among the conditions that cannabis products entirely were able to help. She also got stressed reading how to get a medical marijuana card for me. Once I had access to the cannabis store, I found that medical marijuana benefits were available to myself and others as well. I’m just so profoundly better now when it comes to range of motion, stiffness & sore joints. I’m getting my life back & I’ve only been treating with the cannabis flower products for a few weeks. I’m just so thankful that medical marijuana is legal in my state. I just wish medical marijuana benefits were available to all the people else in the country that deals with arthritis pain.



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