Are cannabis dispensary websites different from other websites?

I was in school when I first started to play around with website development.

I knew there was a lot to learn, however I very much enjoyed taking blank pieces of paper & turning them into a marketing device & fact machine, then my sibling Sam had recently taken a task as a supervisor in a cannabis dispensary.

I asked Sam if a cannabis dispensary website was different than any other website? Sam shrugged & told me I was the website developing geek. Sam said you had different information, & needed to be aware of the federal laws pertaining to cannabis dispensaries… Once I knew what I could & could not do, Sam didn’t think it would be too difficult… Now that medical cannabis was legal, & multiple new states were adopting law allowing for legal recreational marijuana, I thought specializing in cannabis dispensary sites could be quite lucrative. I took a few online courses about cannabis dispensaries, & learned about multiple laws across the land. I made sure to take all the required university courses for web design and development. I appreciated what I was doing & hoped to one afternoon toil for a huge online marketing or web development dealer, as a cannabis dispensary specialist. I was sure this country was going to need more people to specialize in cannabis dispensary websites, now that the number of legal recreational marijuana dispensary states keeps growing… Two years later, I went to my sibling Sam & told him how much cannabis dispensary websites differed from other websites. I told Sam I was recently hired to be a specialist in cannabis dispensary web development, & gave Sam my company card for future reference.


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